Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort

Lose yourself on the exotic beaches of Puerto Morelos, at Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, as you and your couple immerse yourselves in a deliciously sensual ambiance, where inhibitions do not exist. From your arrival, feel an explosion of sexual energy, setting the perfect backdrop for a passion provoking experience.

Live the magic of waking up in one of 88 villa-style rooms, suites or lofts, to discover the secret and mystery behind this unique, couples-only resort. Designed to awaken your senses through a sensual, all-inclusive program, including luxury and pleasure, accompanied by unmatchable services and amenities.

Day in and day out you will be consumed by the game of seduction, whether it be at the pool, beach beds, the spa, or erotic signature theme nights, this clothing-optional environment will take you on a journey beyond the limits of pleasure.

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort will leave you mesmerized, provoking true passion while unleashing your hidden fantasies. An experience BEYOND SEDUCTION…

The Resort Signature

Intimate clothing-optional concept
Custom designed rooms & suites
Private jacuzzi lounge & playroom
Provocative entertainment & sensual theme nights
Breathtaking views in extraordinary destinations
Exclusive gastronomic experiences
Deluxe all-inclusive program
Desire Mansion

Cross the threshold of the Desire Mansion with your partner and surrender to splendor, as both of you indulge in a provocative world of lush, exclusive benefits and amenities beyond sophistication. Whether you are here to rest like royalty or to lose yourself in ecstasy; one thing is for sure, Desire Mansion will surpass everything you have experienced before. With 2 Royal Suites and 6 Mansion Suites, you and your partner will enjoy unique, seductive spaces for friendly encounters, taking your guest experience to the next level, converting fantasy into reality. Provoked by sultry air and inspired by passion, this luxurious Mansion is a true game changer, making an ordinary vacation experience extraordinary.

Mansion Exclusive Benefits

Spoil your senses while experiencing the allure of Desire Mansion. For a supreme experience, you will enjoy exclusive additional benefits:

Butler (direct communication)
Private check in
VIP transfer
VIP welcome kit
Private pool
24-hour room service
Free adult channels
Top-shelf alcohol (in-room stock)
Mansion guest pass (invite one couple from Desire Pearl to share the Mansion experience)
Mansion exclusive dining service 7 a.m. 11 p.m.